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 Tim has been training dogs for over 30 years, in one form or another. He has been training professionally for over 20 years.

Tim was a field trainer for “Paws with a Cause” for 3 years, where he trained dogs for the physically handicapped and hearing impaired.

Tim is a member of the USA Boxer Association. He is also a member of Schutzhund USA and DVG America. Earlier in his career, He trained black and tan coonhounds for hunting and U.K.C. conformation. He then turned to A.K.C. conformation and obedience with the boxer breed.

Tim is now involved in the dog sport of schutzhund (tracking, obedience, and protection work.)

He received a diploma from the North American School of Animal Sciences, where he received valuable knowledge toward operating Northern Pine Kennels. He completed his dog grooming course at Delta College and was an apprentice groomer at a local kennel for 1 year.

Years ago, Tim taught his wife, Kathy, the art of grooming and Kathy is now the head groomer at N.P.K.

Completing his course in small business management at Alpena Community College has also been very useful in operating the business.

Tim is a regular guest at the WKJC radio station in Tawas, MI. answering questions from the listening audience on training techniques and problem solving. Pictured is Tim along with d.j., Kevin Allen in the studio chatting about "what else", dogs...